Friday, September 16, 2005

DTrace rocks!

I'm crap - I know only too well :-( Given that I was part of the OpenSolaris Pilot Program, and countless Solaris Betas before that, I should have dived into DTrace with more gusto long long ago. But I didn't; and now I really regret this.

Don't make the same mistake!!!

I was at Sun's Customer Briefing Centre (CBC) in London yesterday, on a Developers Seminar. The first half was spent talking about Sun Studio 10 compiler switches for code optimisation, and the importance of data profiling; and given that I had had only 3 hours sleep the previous night, I did nod off a couple of times ;-) And I missed the bacon rolls for breakfast at the CBC by about 10 minutes :-(

But after the mid-break, the subject turned to DTrace. Now this is more like it!

The presentation was given by Jonathan Haslam. Now if you ever discover that this man is going to present on DTrace *don't miss it*. He has a real energy and enthusiasm about presenting on DTrace, and through his years of experience with it can make DTrace dance like disco laser lights. He even showed that DTrace could be made to produce a BSOD when a Windows executable was run :-)

Seriously, it was the most entertaining and informative presentation that I have seen in a long time. The only problem was it was too short!

With some luck, we might be able to get Jonathan to present DTrace at a forthcoming London OpenSolaris User Group meeting. So keep an eye out for announcements!


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